Festival 2017

Серпень 4, 2016

The first day of the Kaniv International Film Festival was memorable to the canines and guests of the creative workshops, the opening of the exhibition in the “Chervone i Chorne” gallery, a press conference with the participation of jury members and honorary guests, the opening ceremony of the film festival and the incendiary concert on the waterfront.

Even before the official opening ceremony of the Kaniv International Film Festival for participants and guests of the film festival in the city’s cultural center, directors-participants, teachers and members of the jury conducted express workshops on screenwriting and cinematography, features of the installation of films.


Subsequently, the guests of the city had an opportunity to learn more about the history and monuments of Kaniv within an excursion to the Assumption Cathedral and the Shevchenko National Reserve. In addition, the participants of the film festival took part in the official opening of the exhibition of paintings by Kaniv mistress Lyubov Minenko, which took place in the gallery “Chervone i Chorne”.

Afterwards, the jury members and honorary guests shared their impressions and expressed their wishes to the organizers and participants of the festival during the press conference held in the hall of the Shevchenko National Reserve.

“As one classic has said, cinema is one of the most important types of arts, because the role that cinema plays now is difficult to override with television, radio broadcasts, print media. And the organizers’ desire to do it is to develop the art that will influence our youth and society in the future, “said one of the organizers of the film festival, Oleg Kolyada.


Ex-Minister of Culture of Ukraine Igor Likhovy thanked the organizers of the film festival and participants and expressed the hope that the Kaniv International Film Festival will become a platform for domestic artists.

“I want to feel the need for Ukrainian cinema, which, unfortunately, is presently more present in the plans, at film studios, at festivals, and so little is he present at cinema halls,” he said emotionally.

“Any film festival is a playground for watching movies, and I am very pleased that this year there are a lot of young participants in the film festival. It would be desirable for them to participate in the film festival, showing the films was a stimulus for new skills, so that they could discuss their tapes with jury members and specialists at the film festival, “added Vadim Shinkarev, jury member of the film festival.

After the press conference, all the participants went to the city’s culture house, where the grand opening of this year’s film festival was planned.


The ceremony opened the head of the Canve Ihor Renkas, who stated that not every city may have the opportunity to open international events. Thus, Igor Alexandrovich expressed gratitude for the fact that for the second time he had given a chance to open the Kaniv International Film Festival.

“Last year, at the launch of the film festival, we were very concerned about whether there is enough to continue the idea for many years, whether we will have enough work. And today we are confident that the energy of the organizers has not diminished and they have been able to work for many years to enable the film industry to be shown to the general public by presenting a contemporary world view through the art of cinema, “said Igor Rhenkas.

Subsequently, the jury members made their own wishes and presented the guests of the festival with honorary guests of the film festival. Leaders of the opening ceremony noted that 136 applications for participation in the film festival were received this year, of which 34 films were included in the competition program.

It was also announced that the winner of the Grand Prix this year will receive a statuette for the film festival and a cash prize in the amount of 12 thousand UAH. from PJSC “Ukrhydroenergo”. The winners in nominations will receive a reward of 5 thousand UAH. In addition, the Ukrainian public council congratulates the youngest participant of the film festival a prize of 5 thousand UAH. The winner, who receives UAH 7,000, will also identify the charity fund “Harvest-Community”; Tamara Makarova, a valuable guest for the festival, is also a valuable present for one of the participants.


As a result, a member of the jury, Roman Zagorodniuk, wished all the participants of the film festival to love their competitors, because they all do a common cause – raise Ukrainian cinema.

Subsequently, all those present were invited to move to the embankment, where a concert with the participation of well-known bands “While Alive”, “Joira”, “Do not Lie, for Kill”, followed by the presentation of the film “To Become Love” and the presentation of the competition program the film festival.