Festival 2016

Серпень 4, 2016

Despite the fact that the last chords of the solemn closing ceremony of the First Kaniv Film Festival of contemporary cinema were echoed on the weekends (from September 8 to 11), the Kaniv people themselves do not get tired of enjoying pleasant pleasures of pleasure and sharing their own impressions of an unforgettable cultural event. Someone with a humorous note says that Cannes are nervous, and somebody already lives with sincere dreams and hopes about the film festival next year.

And while the feeling of pleasure and cultural enrichment from the revised films overwhelms all those who had the opportunity to visit the Kaniv Film Festival, the organizing committee decided to gather for you a video of three main days of the festival, in order to once again remind of the pleasant moments, participants of which were all: both viewers, directors and their films, and organizers.