Rules of accreditation

Липень 1, 2016

The Rules of accreditation

Accreditation of media representatives – based on the announcement of the festival

Please send us the information about the publication (link to a web page or pdf or scanned version of the announcement or an article), enter the release date of publication in with a note “Accreditation” in the subject line. In request, in addition to the information about the announcement “The Kaniv International Festival of Modern Cinema”, please indicate:

  • name, surname;
  • name of the media which are representing or a personal blog;
  • email;
  • the phone number.
  • From one edition online resources, information agency or radio can be accredited two representatives. From TV channel can be pre agreed camera crew.
  • To work at the festival preaccredited journalists can only by having a license of journalist or an editorial letter (with a logo, stamped and signed by the chief editor). If you present the license or the letter on the registration – you will receive badge “press”.
  • Accredited press for 7 days after the festival undertake to send a link of the published report / photo story or information (the number, date of release information) about its way in publication.

WARNING! Filling out the accreditation form does not mean automatic accreditation to the festival. You should receive confirmation. If your form is in processing, during the week you will receive by email a letter from the press service of the festival.

The deadline for applications for accreditation is the 26th of August, 2016.

Mass media representatives who are not preaccredited will pay the half of the ticket price in case of the journalistic license presence.

Mass media representatives, who do not have time for accreditation and will not have an ID, will take place in the festival only on general principles.

Press Secretary of the festival